Follow your dreams, not people's opinions..

You should be able to control your life however you want. 

You also should be able to control your pillow… not in a weird fetish type of way...unless that is your sort of thing…  :#

At Bold, we teach that you’re the captain of your destiny, and it’s ok to be a little bit of a control freak or as we like to say, “A Dream Maker.” 

Here's The Problem...

Unfortunately, nearly all pillows suck and are not customizable, comfy, and luxurious. As a result, it can limit you in the nightly charge you need to electrify the stage of your profession, family and health. 

We are obsessed with solving this problem.

Introducing the Bold Pillow... 

The customizable shredded memory foam pillow that will give you your choice back. 

Is your pillow too hard? Take some foam out. 

Too soft? Put some foam in. 

Take control of your life with no BS.


Relax, We Took Our Time For Perfection

After 14 months of researching and developing every detail down to the zipper we finally manufacture the perfect pillow. 

We tested and even personally slept on the pillow for nights to adhere to our principles of quality, creativity and personal choice.

Now it's your turn to test…

Try Risk-Free for 100 Nights!

Try our pillow risk-free for 100 nights.

Don't like our pillow? Cool. Send it back for a full refund. We just know you'll love it so we are overly confident. It's good to be confident, right?

Dream Big. Live Bold.

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